Every relationship is different and it does not make any sense to treat everyone the same. This is a sample schedule of what a typical retreat might look like. We will work with you in the beginning to generate a schedule that matches your goals and needs.



Day 1: Settling In

Arrive at the venue and settle in with the aim to start in the late afternoon or early evening or settle in the night before and start in the afternoon.

~ Initial Discussion ~

A conversation to explore the issues that you would like to address and set out goals for the time together.

This discussion will be guided by a comprehensive questionnaire that you and your partner will fill in beforehand and will lay out the structure of the next two days.

~ Relax together afterwards ~

Couples retreats - romantic getaways

Day 2: Getting Going

Start the morning session at 10am

  • What can make or break communication
  • How to improve the quality of time together and mutual support
  • The facilitator will guide you in a practical conversation about what you can do to feel more connected and work together as a team rather than against each other.

~ Break at 1pm ~

Start afternoon session at 2pm

  • Apply communication skills to managing differences
  • Improve intimacy 
  • This is not a touchy-feely conversation, but rather the focus is on developing effective tools to get your point heard and to better understand your partner.

~ Finish at 4pm ~

Evening together reflecting on the day and/or enjoying each other’s company. With the help of the venues, we can make recommendations on events or activities in the local area.



Day 3: Pulling It Together

Morning session at 10am

  • Practise skills using topics that are relevant for your relationship
  • This is a series of practical exercises to make sure that you have the conversation that you're meant to have when emotions get charged

~ Break at 1pm ~

Start afternoon session at 2pm

  • Moving forward together 
  • Your facilitator will help you to summarise the valuable lessons learned and work with you to develop a plan to apply these lessons to the challenges of everyday life at home

~ Finish at 4pm ~

Whilst our direct involvement will only be required for between 2 to 4 days, we encourage people to take a couple of extra days, or even the rest of the week, to enjoy the time together and take in the scenery and local area.

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