A long-term, committed relationship takes more than love to keep it going. With the right tools, we can prepare ourselves for a safer journey on the road ahead.

Maintaining a long-term committed relationship is a challenge for all of us.  As time passes couples can start to drift apart and communication becomes more difficult.  At Reconnect UK, we take an approach that focuses on the here and now to give you the tools to feel closer. 

We focus on improving communication and intimacy as well as helping couples address any conflict and cope with obstacles.  Every couple disagrees at times, but how we do it can make or eventually break a relationship.

Romantic Retreats

Therapy for young couples relationships
from 650.00

Do you remember those days when it you first got together?  How easy it was to spend time together back then.  When life gets in the way, it is important to learn the right tools and skills to help you overcome your obstacles and reconnect with each other.  Even if you have been off-course for years, it is still possible to get the magic back.

We offer tailor-made retreats in romantic and ideal locations in the South East of England to help you get away from the everyday and spend time focusing on what is most important: your relationship.  Depending on your goals, we can arrange a 2, 3 or 4-day retreat in a romantic hotel, B&B or self-catering cottage nestled out of the way and we will meet you where you are.  

Prices for the retreat are £650 for a 2-day, £900 for a 3-day or £1200 for a 4-day retreat. Our price does not include the cost of the venue, which are independently operated separate from Reconnect UK and will be arranged with the venue directly.

Gift Voucher

from 20.00

There is no better gift for a new couple than to provide them with an understanding of how to keep their love strong.  Gift vouchers can be applied to the Full Assessment, Home Study Programme or Couples Retreat. 

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Home Study Course

Home study pre marital counselling

This option is ideal for busy couples who are doing well together at the moment, but would like to prevent the inevitable differences and conflicts from potentially harming their relationship.  

The Home Study comes with exercises and video examples to work through in your own time from the comfort of your own home.  It includes a comprehensive assessment and six one-hour weekly conversations with a trained Relationship Facilitator either over the phone or on Skype to help guide you on your journey to a better connection with one another.  Appointments can fit around your busy schedule, including evenings and weekends.

Full Relationship Assessment


In order to develop the relationship that you want, it is important to understand the relationship that you currently have.  We have identified several valid and rigorously tested questionnaires to help you identify the strengths and areas of improvement in your relationship.  One of our relationship facilitators will meet with you for an hour-long telephone or Skype discussion to review the results of the assessment and offer suggestions on what you can do to grow together.  

If you are interested in the Home Study Programme or Couples Retreat, we will apply the cost of the assessment to either programme.  Contact us for further information or to book a time.


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