Privacy Policy

At Reconnect UK, we value your privacy and will never share any personal details without your expressed permission.  If you would like us to help arrange your stay with one of our recommended venues, we will either provide you with contact details so that you can pay them directly or, with your consent, we will pass your details on to the venue on your behalf.  You can rest assured that we do not maintain any payment details once payment has been taken through our secure payment portal.  We maintain records inline with our regulating bodies, including clinical notes, assessments and contact details.  These are all stored securely and we will never pass on any information to marketers or any other outside organisations. 

Refund Policy

All notice periods listed below require that the cancellation occur before 5pm on the respective day OR by 5pm on the last business day prior to the respective day should the day fall on a weekend or bank holiday.  For example, if the start date is on the 21st of the month and this falls on a Saturday, then 14 days notice must be given before Friday the 6th at 5pm.  If leaving a voicemail message or email, notice will be considered received from the time it is delivered regardless of when it is received.

Couples Retreats

The full value of a retreat will be refunded if cancelled within 30 days of the start date.  A 50% fee applies to any retreats cancelled between 15 and 29 days of the start date.  Retreats can be rescheduled during that time period  for another available time and a £50 administration fee will be applied.  Cancellation within 14 days of the start date will incur a 100% charge.  Within 14 days of the start date, a retreat can be rescheduled for another available time and a £150 administrative fee will apply.  Please know that this includes rescheduling due to illness or other unforeseen circumstances and only applies to Reconnect UK services.

Please note that any accommodation booked for a retreat will be subject to the policy of the venue, as they are independently operated.  If booking your retreat through us, our staff will inform you of how to find the venue's specific cancellation policy.  In addition to the venue's cancellation policy, there is a 10% administrative charge for us to cancel the reservation for the venue on your behalf.

Home Study and Full Assessment

The entire home study programme may be cancelled at least 7 days before commencement of the first session and a full refund will be issued.  Within 7 days of commencement no refund will be granted; however, an individual session may be rescheduled to another time if requested by phone or email by 5pm at least 2 calendar days beforehand.