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A firm, solid relationship is one of the greatest assets that you can have in your life; it provides intimacy, comfort and strength. In the early days of a relationship, it all seems so easy; the excitement, butterflies in the stomach and first flush of love is all you need to start reconnecting with your partner.  The challenge is to maintain, strengthen and deepen that connection to sustain it for the long-term alongside the competing demands of work, family and other commitments.  

This is where Reconnect UK can help.  Providing intensive couple therapy retreats for relationship counselling in a short-term setting, we can help you to improve your relationship in a few short days.

Based in the counties of Suffolk and Essex, Reconnect UK is one of Britain's leading providers of couples-based educational and therapeutic retreats using an evidence-based, cognitive-behavioural approach.

We are dedicated to helping all couples, wherever you are on your journey together, to build, improve or repair your relationship in a quiet retreat.


How We Can Help You

Our couples therapy retreats use methods that have been developed from over 30 years of research on relationships and what helps make them work, an experienced member of our team will work with you to understand your relationship goals; where things are going well, how they could be made even better; and how any difficulties may best be addressed. Examples include:

  • Dealing effectively with difficult conversations

  • Improving intimacy for relationship enhancement

  • Repairing connection after drifting apart

  • Decreasing relationships distress and conflict

  • Enriching your relationship when things are going well to avoid problems developing.

Whether you are at the start of your life together or have been together for many years, we offer relationship retreats designed to help you connect better.



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