I am so glad for the valuable time we spent with our facilitator, Dan, before our wedding.

When starting out the sessions, I only saw it as a mandatory requirement to get out of the way, but I was proven wrong every time we met with him. My partner and I learnt important things about our communication and relationships that we could not have even seen, let alone changed, without the help of these sessions.  

The Relationship Enrichment Programme has taught us how to learn from each other and develop through the challenge, and bliss, of the future. Without the help of the programme, we now know about some of the problems that we might have encountered in the future and we now have the confidence to deal with them.

Our relationship is growing stronger every day and I can thank our facilitator for helping us achieve that.
— Natalie & Luke

I wanted to let you know that you have been central to our recovery. Your manner and expertise during this sensitive time has been excellent and we will definitely recommend you to anyone who finds themselves in a similar position in the future. In addition, if we find ourselves in a similar position in the future, we know where you are and will waste no time in calling upon your services again.
— Emma & Kurt

We’re feeling better and things in our life together are going much smoother thanks to the advice and support you have given us. We really cannot stress how thankful we are for your help and patience. You’ve given us the tools we need to be able to get ourselves ‘out of the hole’ (and any other holes we may fall into in the future).
— Kate & Stephen

The retreat was an excellent experience. Dan was very fair, uncritical and nonjudgmental but incredibly helpful at helping us see the patterns of behaviour that we had become stuck in within our relationship. We came away from the 3 day retreat with lots of practical tools and techniques to help us change our interactions and behaviour. We both feel very positive following the retreat and are looking forward to a new chapter in our lives. Thank you so much Reconnect UK!
— Carrie & Tom

I had really high expectations (or hopes!) when I signed up for this and I am so happy that it lived up to my expectations. Dan is very knowledgeable and empathetic and enabled us to see things differently. He said two things that completely changed my mind-set; “Why does it have to be your way?” and “Relationships are a skill we are not born with, we work at it”. It suddenly all made sense. It is still early stages but I am very happy with how things are going and so is my husband! Thank you Dan!
— Jennifer & Mark

An unexpected fulfilling weekend that rekindled the spark after an awful period in our marriage - just what we needed. Thank you!
— Stephen & Gemma

We really enjoyed meeting with Dan. He was very knowledgeable, friendly and was able to help reconnect me with my husband. I am extremely glad that I picked Reconnect UK and would recommend to everyone.
— Tanya & Chris

I wish my wife and I had found Dan and tried this years ago (mending the roof while the sun shines, so to speak). It really helped clarify aspects of our own behaviour that were potentially problematic, often things which we might have felt but had never quite articulated before. Doing so allowed us to identify and tackle issues more usefully. Dan was an incredibly knowledgeable, but also engaging facilitator. He ran the sessions expertly, always keeping us on track and allowing us to speak directly and freely, yet never putting words into our mouths. He used his huge base of experience, but tailored it to our own situation. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone and would certainly use him again myself.
— Paul and Marianne

Dan’s focus and energy was extremely helpful. His commitment to helping us affirmed our commitment to each other and made it clear how worthwhile it is to work on our relationship. We were both somewhat apprehensive before we started, but Dan put us both at ease right away with his warm yet professional demeanor. We would highly recommend him. He’s given us several tools, and ways of communicating which we can put into practice on our own. We left feeling excited to invest in us and our future.
— Chris & Leslie